Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Past Cats
Deanfield Fellsman
This is fiddler Our Blue Bicolour Boy.
Fiddler came to us as an adult. Hes very affectionate and has produced gorgeous babies.

Fiddler is now neutered and in his new home with Sarah.
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Torkats Fantom ofthe Opera
This is Harley our Seal point 3rd generation Stud boy. He is available for Pet or breeding to the right home.

Harley is going to live with Jenny in end 2011. Produced Snowcap Elvis
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Bitzaglitz Storm Prince
This is Prince our Blue Point Show Pattern Stud Boy. Prince is 4th generation Snowshoe. Prince is out of Import Boy Snowcats Myblue Heaven.

He produced Show girl Snowstorm, her sister Tundra and Persia

Now Lives in Australlia with Cathy of Skiboots Cattery
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Southpole JFK
This is Jack. He is a Seal Point Show Pattern boy. He comes from Georgia America and has unique bloodlines in the UK.

Jack has left us with Dumbledore, Beautiful Dodger and Sadie to carry on his grand lines.

Now Lives in Australlia with Cathy of Skiboots Cattery
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Coldenufforsnow Valloir
This is Sassy our 4th generation Blue Show pattern girl. Shes quad Merit winner, including one from the Supreme NEC Show. She won Best in Show Adult and overall Best in Show Cat at SCS show 2013. Mother to Cairo and Dumbledore.
Sassy was destined for Australia but sadly passed away expectantly on 7th April 2013. She leaves us with broken hearts and wonderful memories.
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Bitzaglitz Blue Heaven
This is Melody she is a Blue Point Bicolour Snowshoe Queen. She cannot be shown with GCCF as she has white on her ear, but she does have super lovely pretty babies.

Melody helped with foundation lines
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Destrier Justbefore Dawn
This is Maxine our first Generation Seal point Snowshoe. She will help create new bloodlines to extend the gene pool.

Maxine is mother to Destrier Aphrodite Love and Destrier Moonlight Teddy.

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Deanfield Touchofrost
This is Frosty our 3rd generation Bicolour Blue Snowshoe Girl.
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Shadycombe Alaska Sky
Alaska is a beautiful 4th generation Seal Snowshoe girl with 0% inbreeding out of austin powers. Shes very nosey and gets under my feet.

Producing Destrier Snowstorm & Destrier Tundra

Now lives with Tracy in Australia Catsville Cattery
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Destrier Sunset Reign
This is Reign our 1st generation girl. She is the first GCCF and international registered Caramel Tortie Snowshoe girl known. She has lovely Apricots and blue based caramel in her coat.

Retired in her new home. Reign produced Genie in a bottle and Destrier Dodge Viper!
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Buddys Snow Maiden
Maddie is a Pedigree Lilac Point Snowshoe who has produced Lola and Kimble 1st gen snowshoe who will both carry choc and dilute colours.

Producing Destrier Moonshine and Destrier Winters Tale

Retired, living with Nicola
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Cajools Devakat Maisie
Maisie is a Pedigree lilac Bicolour BSH girl has contributed to new snowshoe lines, Introducing the heftiness and new colours and Produsing Rising Star.

Mother of Destrier Rising Star First Foundation Snowshoe.

Maisie is now in her new loving home
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Adsetam Destrier Phoenix
Phoenix is a Pedigree Red Point siamese and has had a sucessful show career as a kitten and gained 1st cc as an adult. Phoenix has sired some super Siamese kittens and all with super temperaments.

Father to Destrier Sunset Reign.

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Destrier Angel Eyes
Seal Bicolour Proven Female

Dob: 06/02/2016


For Sale Active Register
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Destrier Athena Sylph
Athena is a seal bicolour 4th generation girl. She is quite a character, lovely caring mum.

Athena produced Carbeille Tianna a first gen Tabby snowshoe.

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Adecish Snowcap Elvis
This is Elvis he part of our family and will be only be at stud for a limited time only, before retiring to a pet home.

Neutered and retired, Produced 3rd gen litter Destrier Maia for new lines and Stud boy Cairo
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Destrier Moonlight Teddy
This is Teddy our Quad merit winner and 2nd Generation boy. He is out of Fiddler and Maxine and is quite a character already.

Teddy is now retired and will go and live with Leanne and Dan

Teddys Daughter Destrier Genie in a Bottle now carries on his lines.
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Ursella Guinevere
This is Sox Mitted Blue girl

She belongs to Tracey white in Torquay.

Mother of Adceish Snowcap Elvis
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Purrprints Austin Powers
This is american Import Boy Austin. Lives with Jenny in Warwicksire.

Austin is Sire to Elanesse Xanto and Produced Destrier Moonshine and Destrier Winters Tale
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Elanesse Xanto
Xanto is our new up and coming stud boy out of Austin Powers with only 0.8% inbreeding. He is 4th generation show bicolour boy of good size. he is the image of his dad.

Father of many Destrier cats -Destrier Pandora, Destrier Atlantis,

Now living with Krzystof of Snowpearls
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Destrier Rising Star
This is Star she is a foundation Snowshoe out of a red pt siamese and a Lilac Bicolour BSH. She is one to watch and will create new bloodlines from scratch, intoducing reds, creams and dilutes.

She Has Produced Destrier Persia and Destrier Pedra to Carry on the new colours.

Retired in her forever home with Jo
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Sensual Destrier Willow
This is Willow. He is a Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese.

He is the Sire of Seal Tabby Colourpoint Girl Tianna, 1st gen snowshoe who will carry chocolate and dilute.
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Destrier Moonshine
This is Lola she is a blue colourpoint 1st generation snowshoe. Her mum was a lilac siamese and her dad is a seal snowshoe.

Lola has Produced 2nd gen Kitten Destrier Cleopatra, Destrier Felix and Destrier Galaxy, our 1st Chocolate Snowshoe. now Retired
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Carbeile Destrier Tianna
This is Tianna. She is a 1st generation seal tabby colourpoint girl. She is out of a chocolate tabby dad and a seal bicolour snowshoe mum.

Producing Destrier Tessa Snowtiger to carry on new lines.

Tia is now in her forever home with Jeanette.
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Destrier Queen Sadie
Sadie is 5-6th generation Seal show pattern Snowshoe Queen with 0.2% inbreeding out of Alaska & Jack over 5 generations.

Mother of Destrier Snow-White

Now lives With Mary & Family Iced Mocha Cats
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Destrier Aphrodite Love
This is Aphrodite she is a seal bicolour 2nd Generation Snowshoe with 7.9% inbreeding. She has excellent breeding behind her and has been an asset to the programme.

Aphrodite has Produced Destrier Maia, Pandora, Mabel, angelica and Destrier Snow Trooper to carry on new lines.

Now in her forever home
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Mahereoe Jahari
Hero is out Caramel Point Siamese who will help with new bloodlines
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Glittakitz Charlotte
This is Narla Seal Show Girl. Quad merit winner!

She has 7.7% inbreeding over 5 gens.

Proud Mum of Destrier Astra

Now living in Poland with Krzystof of Snowpearls
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Adeciam Alcestis
This is Pickles our Seal Tortie Siamese Girl.

She is Helping with new bloodlines and produced Destrier No regrets 1st gen seal colourpoint girl
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Destrier Genie Inabottle
This is Genie daughter of Reign and Teddy, she is 2nd generation Caramel Bicolour snowshoe.

She has 4.3% inbreeding over 5 gens.

Reserved for Diane. retired, leaving Duchess to carry on new lines
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Destrier No Regrets
This is Gretal our 1st Generation Seal tortie Snowshoe girl.
She is out of Pickles Siamese and Harley Snowshoe.

Purdy carries on her lines.

Now in her forever home with Janette and Family
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Destrier Dumbledore
Dumbledore is a 4th generation Seal Colourpoint Snowshoe. Been on Exhibition at GCCF Shows.
Mother is :Sassy our Overall 2013 SCS best in show winner.
Father is: Jack our Canadian import Boy Southpole JFK.
only 3.8% inbreeding over 5 gens.

Producing Destrier Troublemaker
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Destrier Tessa Snowtiger
Tessa is out of Tia and Kimble, she is a 2nd gen seal tabby colourpoint snowshoe.
Tess produced Destrier Louisiana, Arizona and Kylie for new bloodlines

Retired - Reserved for jeanette and Family retired
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Destrier Maia
Maia is a high white Seal Bicolour Snowshoe or Harlequin, out of Aphrodite & Elvis. Pictures do not do her justice.

She is 3rd generation from new lines with only 5.6% inbreeding over 5 gens.

Maia turned 3 in May 2015. She has an infectious and over friendly personality. Dog like, talkative. As seen on TV!

Now in her forever home with Jeanette
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Destrier Cleopatra
Cleo is a beautiful Tortie Snowshoe. Very Rare Caramel Tortie.

Daughter of Destrier Dodge Viper. She is 2nd gen Snowshoe out of Lola and Dodger with an amazing 0.3% inbreeding over 5 gens. Mum of Best Overall in show winner Destrier Troublemaker.

Cleo is now in her forever home with Katie
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Destrier Persia
Persia is a Blue Show Pattern 1st Generation Snowshoe with completely new lines from foundation.

She is out of Star and Prince with 0% inbreeding over 5 gens.
Persia has her kittens Prince of Persia and River dance to carry on her lines.

Now in her forever home.
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Destrier Tundra
Tundra is 5th gen Blue Bicolour Snowshoe. She has a mimimal 1.6% inbreeding percentage over 5 gens.
Sister to Snowy, out of Alaska & Prince

Dob: 12/04/2012

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Destrier Cairo
Cairo is a 5th Gen Blue bicolour proven Stud Boy with only 11.3% inbreeding. Triple Intermediate Certificate Winner.
He is out of Sassy and Elvis.

Producing Destrier Pharoah Ceasar, Snow White and Snowtonk Queen of Diamonds
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Destrier Snow Trooper
Trooper is out of Aphrodite and Dodger, he is 3rd Generation. Been on Exhibition at GCCF shows.

Retired at 18mths old.

Son Destrier Fire and Ice, Destrier Merlin, Daughters Destrier Arizona, Destrier Startiger Kylie To carry on new lines
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Destrier Scarlet Star
Scarlet is a Caramel tortie, Just like her mum. She is out of Star and Xanto and is a 1st generation Snowshoe with 0% inbreeding over 5 gens.

Now living with Jo
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Destrier Piper Holly
Piper Holly is out of her nutty mum Holly and Xanto.

Shes a seal point 6th gen Snowshoe.

Piper turned two years old in March 2015

With Liz and Bethany in her forever home
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Destrier Snow White
Seal point Classic 6th gen Show girl out of Sadie and Cairo. Snow White is a Beautiful Gentle Girl.
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Destrier Purrfection
Purdy is 2nd gen Seal show pattern girl out of Gretal and Xanto

For Sale Active breeding Register

Born: 15/04/2013
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Destrier Felix
Blue point Snowshoe Boy, brother to cleo. Out of Dodger and Lola. May carry chocolate

Neutered & Retired

Producing Destrier Angelica, Destrier Duchess and Destrier Louisina.
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Destrier Troublemaker
Troublemaker is the Son of Cleo and Dumbledore. At 4mths old he won Overall Best in Show out of 300+ cats. Hes very special indeed!

Neutered- In his forever home
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Destrier Pharoah Ceasar
Ceasar is a rare Caramel Point Snowshoe. He is an up and coming boy. He featured on Cat of the Day.

Now in his forever home with Lizzy and James
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Destrier Startiger Kylie
Rare Seal Tabby Classic Pattern Snowshoe Girl.
Kylie is 3rd generation and very special
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Destrier Fire and Ice
Arnie is a rare Apricot Snowshoe Boy. He is up and coming 2nd generation boy.

Click on picture for more info,

Reserved for Damian.
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Destrier Merlin
Merlin is a beautiful 1st generation Blue point boy.

born 31/05/2014
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Destrier Atlantis
Atlantis is 4th Generation seal Snowshoe girl.
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Destrier Louisiana
Louisa has the most amazing personality. She is a rare Seal Tabby Snowshoe.
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Destrier Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia is named after his mum Persia and his Grandad Prince. He is a handsome seal point boy.

For Sale Active Register

DoB 10/06/2014
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Destrier Astra
Daughter of Narla and Dodger She is a special Caramel Tortie Snowshoe. Mother to the first Seal Tortie on the show bench Destrier Snowbelle.

Astra is a very rare tortie Snowshoe. Destrier Buster her son will carry on the lines.

Now Living with Julie.
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Snowtonk Queen of Diamonds
Queenie is a delightful Character, funny and naughty Show quality Snowshoe girl.
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Snowshoe- Pearls Victoria
Victoria Is a stunning Blue Colourpoint Snowshoe Girl all the way from Poland.
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Destrier Duchess
Duchess is a stunning Caramel/Blue Harlequin Girl with piercing Blue eyes.

Looking for a forever home end 2015. taking interest now.
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Destrier Angelica
Angelica is far from being an Angel, but very lovable.

Angelica will be 2 years old end of Sept 2015. She has an infectious and over friendly personality.

Reserved for Anne & Steve
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Destrier Elvis Mabel Bear
Mabel is a stunning, delightful character out of Aphrodite and Xanto. She is a seal Mitted/Classic girl.
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Destrier Dream Catcher
Dreamy has the most amazing Dreamy eyes. She is a gentle sensitive girl.
Blue Caramel Classic pattern girl.

Active Register

DOB 02/04/2014

On Hold for Kathryn
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Destrier Buster
Buster is a lovely Apricot/Red Snowshoe Boy. He us out of Astra and Ceasar, we are hoping he will make a handsome stud in time.
Active Proven Stud Boy


Reserved for Rachael
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Snowshoe-Pearls Don Diego
Diego is a Seal Point Snowshoe all the way from Poland.

Now in his forever home
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Adthiam Poppys Tomboy
Tomboy is a Chocolate Point Siamese. He processes the most amazing eyes. Deep Blue, almost purple.
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