Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
Welcome to Destrier Snowshoe Cat Website.

Destrier Snowshoe Cats based in South West of England UK. I Breed Snowshoe Cats and sell Snowshoe kittens to approved Show, Pet and Breeding homes all around the UK & Internationally. My Snowshoes Cats are Found in the media worldwide and in UK magazines Your Cat and Cat World. My Snowshoe Cats have an Excellent reputation on the show bench. I am an active member of the Snowshoe Cat Club and Society. My cats are registered with GCCF, FIFE and TICA. I would highly recommend TICA as a fun club to join. I specialise in new Snowshoes bloodlines and have a variety of unrelated cats. I have bred the first world Caramel Tortie Snowshoe Destrier Sunset Reign and First Apricot Destrier Dodge Viper and have new colour cats, My cats are found worldwide in magazines and publications. Watch out for this summers TV documentary featuring our cats on Channel 5 TV.

Snowshoe Cats are the recipe for what can be described as the purrfect cat. Originating from America and a cousin of the Siamese cat they process an intelligent and laidback attitude, that are more or less kittens for life, with interactive people orientated personalities.

The Snowshoe cat is a relatively new sort after breed, it resembles the traditional old type siamese cat with a bombproof nature and people orientated personality. The snowshoe is still a rare breed cat, but we dont predict it will be for long as it has increased in popularity over the years due to the laid back and bombproof nature of this lovely cat.

Welcome to my Snowshoe Cat Website, I am Kelly Cruse of Destrier Cats. I breed Snowshoe and Siamese Cats as a hobby. I am very Passionate and dedicated to healthy breeding and simply adore animals.

Resembling Grumpy Cat, snowshoes have the most delightful personalities. Someone once told me that if you could take the siamese personality and put it togther with an interesting Bi colour shorthair, you would have the makings of a perfect cat! Well they were right and here we introduce something even better than that the Snowshoe....

We have a waiting list for our kittens. If you are interested please register your interest, we will email photos as soon as kittens are available after they have been vet checked. One Hundred pound non refundable, but transferable deposit is taken to secure kittens from 8-9 weeks of age. You will be invited to view kittens form 8-9 weeks of age. Kittens ready to leave from 12-13 weeks onwards. Price of pet Snowshoe kittens is 550 Pounds, discount offered of 100 if buying a compatible pair.

We have Kittens! All our kittens are on hold now or reserved, Except for 1 Seal Colourpoint Boy.

Please register you interest for our next litter that will be ready in August

We sometimes have young adults available. Buster our rare Apricot boy is looking for a forever home in the near future and Prince seal point boy.

Teaser TV Documentary of our cats. Cat Crazy by Doghouse Media for Channel 5 TV.

Hobby Breeder Info!

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Snowshoe Cats UK Website - Home of Destrier Snowshoe Cats & Kittens- Kelly Cruse
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